Natveg Marketing, S.L. produces and sells a wide range of brassica products:


Broccoli is our main product, with annual sales of over 30.000 Tonnes. The product is carefully collected, cooled down, packed and stored using latest modern technology and machinery. And then, the best quality and fresh products are delivered directly to the warehouses of our clients.


Production of cauliflowers is around 8.000.000 heads per year at Natveg Marketing, S.L.. The high quality of this product line allows Natveg Marketing, S.L. to sell cauliflowers both on the national and international markets for many years, bringing a fresh, healthy and tasty product to the clients.


Sweetheart Cabbage stands out for its sweet taste, nice texture and its distinctive pointy shape. It is mainly consumed in the north of Europe, with an increasing demand in the rest of European countries. In Natveg Marketing, S.L., the Sweetheart Cabbage the production is around 4,500,000 pieces.


With its characteristic green color and curly leaves, the Savory Cabbage is known as one of the most healthy and beneficial cabbages. Due to its high content of vitamins and minerals, it provides a great variety of nutrients essential for our organism. Natveg Marketing, S.L. produces 1,200,000 pieces annually.


Natveg Marketing, S.L. also produces and exports Butternut Squash,  sales of this product continues to increase currently  5.000 Tonnes per year is being produced.


Natveg Marketing, S.L. grows the Beauregard variety, of orange flesh. Sweet potato is considered a superfood, increasingly present in our diet. Production reaches 1,000 Tonnes.


In addition to the main product lines described above, Natveg Marketing, S.L. offers the possibility of including the following products in its portfolio:

• Little Gem
• Red Cabbage
• Spring onion
• Potatoes