NATVEG MARKETING, S.L. MARKETING is a family business established in 1987. The packing, cooling and office facilities are located in the Torre Pacheco area which is in the province of Murcia- Spain, this area is also part of the Cartagena plain situated in the South East corner of Spain.

The company has specialized in the production of broccoli to the highest standard for many years, and in more recent years they have expanded their crop portfolio into other brassica crops including Cauliflowers, Sweetheart Cabbage and Savoy Cabbage, there is also the production of Butternut Squash and more recently the development of Potato production.

Whilst the company headquarters are based in the Cartagena region, much of the Natveg Marketing, S.L. success in maintaining quality and continuity of supply has been their diverse growing areas which requires expert planning and logistics, the crops are grown at various land levels e.g. 700mts and 350mts above sea level, and also at sea level, the growing areas total approximately 3.000 hectares, with total irrigation and fertigation systems.

Natveg Marketing, S.L. have always maintained a policy of direct communicationand development with their customers in order to maintain a clear understanding of their requirements, the company also works with independent transport companies which play a vital role in delivering product on time.


Technological innovation is fundamental throughout the product life to the point of harvest , Natveg Marketing, S.L. ensure this is applied through a continuous improvement plan.

This can apply to any action within the production process for example:

  • Selection of Varieties
  • Land selection
  • Water quality and availability
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Harvesting Systems
  • Packaging and Cooling

Natveg Marketing, S.L. also values a high degree of technological innovation, and applies this during the growing process as well as during the harvest process, product temperature control and the packaging process.

To get that Natveg Marketing, S.L. has a strong team of agronomists, their knowledge and judgment of the crops from planting to harvest is the key to product quality, this is then supported by a Quality Control team who equally have an important role in quality assurance.

The company strive for the best quality to achieve both client and customer satisfaction, this is supported by a number of audits which apply to World, European and individual customer audit standards as listed below